Making Money on Rewards1

A couple years ago, I spent a couple months on Rewards1 and did small offers left and right, 10 points here and there all day, and gradually obtained around $50 in rewards that I spent on customized Amazon rewards.  Through persistence, you can get PLENTY on pretty much any site of this nature, the catch being it takes A LOT of time.  However, recently I’ve gotten back into Rewards1 and found a much more efficient way to earn points and get rewards.  All the those large-sum offers that require credit card submission and, at times, purchases, are actually the best way to quickly earn large sums of rewards.  Over the course of around 24 hours, I earned around $30 in profit from doing those types of offers, focusing especially on the TrialPay service but also SuperRewards and even Radium1.  There’s still a very obvious catch here, and that’s giving away your credit card number to random websites is not a very good idea and may not exactly result in good credit.  But that’s why the best way to do these types of offers is to use gift cards from Visa, Mastercard, or American Express to fill out forms and sign up for trials.  With these cards, either you’ll have a web-service that will let you input Name/Address information or you’ll have to call customer service in the case of American Express, which I had to do.  Of course, if you sign up for a lot of trials, you’ll want to run your card down enough by the end of the month so the sites are unable to charge you later or, even better, manually cancel them yourself.  Do pay attention to posted warnings if the trials frown upon usage of gift cards as payment methods, however, and be warned if the trial frowns upon cancellation.  Other than trials, there are quite a few legitimate services that will let you purchase items off their sites and be rewarded with a sum of points higher than what you paid.  I bought a small box of Crayola chalk off, a pretty legitimate website, and earned a few dollars in profit as well as an essentially free box of chalk.  I signed up for a free 14-Day trial of Crunchyroll Premium (albeit I already do have a real Premium account), a well-known anime-streaming service and terminated the service before the end of the trial.  I also signed up for a trial of RealPlayer Cloud, albeit I cancelled monthly subscription.  Hey I made some profit there and also had access to 102GB of Cloud Storage for a whole month!  Plus files already in the Cloud would not be deleted even after the downgrade.  You can purchase a website from GoDaddy and earn more points than you put in too!

Aside from that specific advice, remember obvious pointers:

1. Use legitimate information signing up for Rewards1 itself or any of the offer-providers for their customer service. Rewards1 is a very reliable service in and of itself as are the individual companies that supply offers.  The trouble is with shady offers that may not trustworthily handle your information which can be all too common.

2. You may wish to provide somewhat inaccurate information to shady offers from random companies and perhaps to the Gift Card as well to accomodate those offers.  Just make sure it’s always the same information.  Use a junk G-mail to do all these offers for maximum convenience.  And get a disposible phone number with Google Voice for offers that ask for a phone number.

3.  Don’t obsess over Rewards1 and waste time.  If you run out of solid offers, wait it out a month or so until new interesting offers pop out.  That way you’ll make some nice money when you can but not waste hours and hours slaving away on a computer for pocket change.

4. Sign up on my referral link, so I can get more dough.  If you do decide to make an account and try it out, do sign up on my link.  If you earn a lot of money (>$20), I’d be happy to transfer $5 back to your account if you request it.  I won’t lie.  I like money.

5. Spend your rewards on anything you like!  And don’t forget that you can ask for custom requests.  For instance, Rewards1 will buy exactly what you want off Amazon for you and charge you in points.


If you have any questions feel free to e-mail!